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“The best cobbler is not the one with the best equipment, but rather, the one that makes the most of the tools available.”
— Aristotle

Starting the Journey

  • Graduated from College in 2014 with a degree in Philosophy and Catholic Studies.
  • Began teaching at a small Catholic School in Montgomery, Al.
  • Taught long enough to realize that I did not want to teach for the rest of my life
  • Began to gauge my interests and look elsewhere for employment.

A New Direction

  • Began learning HTML/CSS in June of 2017.
  • In July of the same year, I delved into JavaScript for the first time.
  • Around this same time, I began to broaden my horizons in the tech field, by studying for the CompTIA A+ exam.

Discovering a Passion

  • After earning the CompTIA A+ in late November, I began to devote myself full-time to learning code.
  • At this time I buckled down with more in-depth HTML/CSS/JS training
  • By the end of February I had found employment and started my career in Web Dev/Design

Learning Resources

While I did not attend any brick and mortar schools, I did attend the school of Google. Meaning, that while I may not immediately know the answer to a question, or even how to do something in particular, I am adept at navigating the sea of knowledge provided by Google in order to find the answers that I seek. Additionally, I learned everything that I could while spending as little money as I could. Thus the words of Aristotle ring true. I made use of what I had available to me and was able to translate that into a career.

While I did jump around a lot, I found that these resources helped me more than anything else. The first two provided a firm groundwork that the later were able to really build upon. Additionally, CSS-Tricks, StackOverFlow, & Mozilla Developer's Network have filled in the gaps.